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"Many people say that 2019 is the worst year of the past decade, and it may also be the best year of the next decade.


This is the beginning of last year's Ouzang year-end special "Please Collect 2019". Although I also mentioned that 2019 may be the best year in the next 10 years, even if I give me 100 more opportunities, I would not expect that 2020 will start in a hell mode.

这是去年Ouzang年终特别节目“ Please Collect 2019”的开始。尽管我也提到过2019年可能是未来10年中最好的一年,即使我给我100个机会,我也不希望2020年会在地狱模式下开始。

Affected by the new crown epidemic, the Chinese Super League CBA, foreign major European leagues, the Champions League, NBA and other important world sports events have been suspended. When the European Cup and even the Olympics were postponed, we finally understood that we were living in an era where we witnessed history every day.


Sports are part of life, and sports collections are part of the sports industry. When the entire sports industry is facing an unprecedented huge impact, how can the collection market be left alone?


In addition to its sports genes, some of its collections have become investment and even risk-averse tools due to their scarcity and circulation characteristics.


As the 2019-2020 season came to an end,


Football expert: senior letter worm collector


Sam Zhang: Baidu believes in insects


The cream is really white: Baidu Panini Bar Lord

奶油真的是白的:百度Panini Bar Lord

Smart color molecule usana: Baidu star card bar master


Sun Jun: Senior signature jersey collector


Brekalo: Leader of the Believers Alliance


Wang million: IP signature collectors


Pedro Pei: Practitioner in the sports marketing industry, Barcelona collection enthusiast

Pedro Pei:体育营销行业从业者,巴塞罗那收藏爱好者

Lao Zhong: Director of Taobao "Authentic Signature Hall"


Manchester watch a ball: hot seller of idle fish


Due to the characteristics of the channels, the postal routes have become less unobstructed, and the messenger group is a group of people who are more affected by the epidemic. When asked about the impact of the epidemic on the industry,


"The impact of this epidemic on letter bugs is still very obvious, mainly reflected in three aspects. One is that many clubs have lost money due to the epidemic, so the reply will naturally decrease because the postage is still quite expensive. Second, the reply cycle is obviously long. Yes, it takes longer for us to send to Europe or the clubs to send to us. The third point is because of the virus. Many clubs, out of cautious considerations, may simply not read the mailed letters or other things. Items."


"First, during the epidemic, flights were drastically reduced, postal routes were slow, and many clubs were closed. For a long time, the response rate was relatively low, and it will continue for a while. This is for players who collect letters It’s more difficult. Second, there are still some messenger cards circulating on the eBay platform, which is also a postal problem. There will be problems such as slow mail and violent express delivery, which is also disadvantageous for overseas messenger players. Third. , As the number of replies decreases, the price of the version card will increase. After all, the letter insect card is also a rare thing. Many cards this season are more expensive, which was rare in the past."


Out of the consideration of centralized management and reduced contact, many leagues have chosen to play games in a fixed location after the rematch. At the same time, it was announced that players are prohibited from contacting fans to reduce the risk of virus transmission. This makes many fans and Tibetan friends who like to find player IP (face-to-face) at airports, hotels or training bases lose the opportunity to sign.


"It definitely has an impact, and the impact is not small. First of all, all major leagues in the world have become a game system, so the probability of seeing a player is greatly reduced, or you can only look at the player from a distance instead of close contact. So IP is impossible. So the price of the IP market may increase slightly.” When talking about the impact of the epidemic on the domestic IP community,


In the past, July and August were when European football and American NBA clubs came to China to play business games. Taking last year as an example, Juventus, Inter Milan, Tottenham and other European clubs brought Ronaldo, Buffon, Kane, Sun Xingyun and many other first-line stars to visit, allowing Chinese fans and Tibetan friends to enjoy the thrill of watching football and IP at home. . In addition, even in the context of Morey's improper speech, the Lakers and James still brought huge traffic to the 2019 NBA China Game, attracting thousands of fans to watch the scene. And all of this will come to nothing in 2020.

在过去的七月和八月,欧洲足球和美国NBA俱乐部来到中国玩商务游戏。以去年为例,尤文图斯,国际米兰,热刺和其他欧洲俱乐部带来了罗纳尔多,布冯,凯恩,孙星云和许多其他一线明星来访,使中国球迷和藏族朋友享受观看足球比赛的快感和IP在家。 。此外,即使在莫雷的演讲不当的背景下,湖人和詹姆斯仍然为2019 NBA中国比赛带来了巨大的流量,吸引了成千上万的球迷观看现场。到2020年,所有这些都将变为零。

"This epidemic will definitely have a relatively large impact on the country. Every summer, many foreign clubs and stars will come to China to participate in some activities. At this time, as a domestic collector, you will have the opportunity to sign in to the star's signature collection. But this year because of the epidemic, they will not be able to come. This is a big loss."


Also for the signed jersey market, I have studied in the UK for a long time and have many years of experience in signing jersey IP and collecting.


"In fact, the current form of the jersey market this year is quite interesting. Although this special environment has a great impact on the stable income sources of many people this year, the number of jerseys used in eBay or charity auctions is still sufficient, and the participants are also It hasn't decreased. Why is it interesting? Because this year, all mankind is fighting the epidemic together. Many of the treasured jerseys are actually used by the players themselves, other stars, and related clubs and organizations for fundraising needs, increasing the usual Some good resource circulation that the period could not achieve."


The star card market is a highlight of the entire sports collectibles market during the epidemic. The general market took off, and news of giant cards auction transactions flooded the entire market.


"This year's epidemic has had a huge impact on the world economy, especially in the collectibles market. Friends who are concerned about eBay transaction prices often find that under the epidemic situation, card prices have not fallen but many have increased. My point of view is that, first of all, a certain degree of speculation is not ruled out. Small bases can also fly to the sky. The bad economic environment has led to more speculators. A series of operations have allowed card prices to rise. Secondly, a large amount of hot money flows into the star card market. In the past, people who invested in other fields were optimistic about the development of star cards and wanted to get a piece of the pie, including countless novices who entered the pit. Finally, the media vigorously promoted the "God Card" with a high turnover rate, which ignited the enthusiasm of card fans. Participate in the auction."


Regarding the price of collections during the epidemic, we have many years of experience in trading sports collections.


"In the early stage of the epidemic, due to the huge impact of Kobe's unexpected death, the price of Kobe's personal signature has risen exponentially. The prices of the other stars have also risen, and demand and enthusiasm have increased significantly. In the middle of the epidemic, due to the broadcast of the Jordan Bulls documentary. , Which made Jordan’s auto-sign price rapidly rise, and at the same time, the popularity of Kobe’s collection has declined. James’s merchandise has also risen due to Jordan’s drive (which belongs to UDA). In terms of football collections, the price of basketball trio and star cards has risen. In the middle of the epidemic, the price and volume have risen. Later, due to the replenishment of brand companies, prices have dropped to a certain extent. Recently, as basketball and football games have fully recovered demand and heat, the prices of some other star players have A certain degree of increase."

“在流行病的早期,由于科比意外死亡的巨大影响,科比个人签名的价格成倍上涨。其他明星的价格也上涨了,需求和热情大大提高了。在中间流行病的发生,是由于约旦公牛纪录片的播出,这使得约旦的自动签名价格迅速上涨,与此同时,科比的收藏品的受欢迎程度下降了。 (属于UDA)。在足球收藏方面,篮球三人组和明星卡的价格有所上涨;在流行病爆发期间,价格和数量都有所上升;后来,由于品牌公司的补给,价格下降到最近,随着篮球和足球比赛的需求和热量完全恢复,其他一些明星球员的价格也有了一乐橙app定程度的上涨。”

"Secondly, under the influence of the epidemic, the price of souvenir collections did not fluctuate as much as in other industries, because it does not require drastic price reductions and promotions to maintain the normal operation of the industry like tourism or other industries. The impact of the movement of people under the epidemic and the reduction in player signature activities have led to the scarcity of some players’ signature products, and the price has risen. Of course, as collectors, we still hope that everything will return to normal, so that the entire collectibles market will have a benign Sustainable development."


"Previously, the domestic (star card) price was relatively stable. After the outbreak began, the United States has speculated the prices of some domestic cards at a very high level. As a result, many domestic cards also have a price per day based on eBay’s market. Many card fans have also started to fry cards, and now the domestic card prices have been rising. I can only tell card friends that you should collect them according to your own preferences when you receive the card, and don’t blindly follow the trend to collect some high-priced cards. I feel that the card price is not right now. Normally, it rises and falls quickly. All card friends ask me for price questions, and I all answered the same: You must collect the card you like, according to your actual ability, and don’t lose your direction. In the end it becomes a leek for harvest."


In the context of the full-scale take-off of star card prices, while paying attention to prices, top players also hope that market prices can develop in a stable and orderly direction to avoid the "leek crisis" caused by the rapid rise and fall of prices.


When asked about the trend of the domestic collectibles market in the next six months or so, the bigwigs all expressed their opinions.


Two senior collectors in the field of letter bugs have talked about the future trend of the letter bug market mainly depends on the control of the epidemic.


"In the future, we will mainly look at the degree of epidemic control in Europe next season. If everyone can be relieved, put into normal work, and there is no problem with the supply of official cards, then it can be restored to normal. But if If the current problem still cannot be solved, then it may be the same as we talked about before, and the reply will not be so positive. And in the context of the stock market, the price of the letter bug card may be higher.


"The trend in the coming six months, I personally think that it will not be too different from the current epidemic. On September 12, the Premier League will start, and there should be a large number of letter bug players starting the new season in September. If you still follow the current situation, The postal situation, the response rate is also difficult to turn back, and we need to wait for the complete improvement of the epidemic. Less response will inevitably reduce the supply, and the price will naturally rise. However, the card price of the letter bug card has an upper limit. To be honest, there are a lot of them this season The price of the Bundesliga card has also exceeded my overdue date. It was difficult to meet this card price before. As for the demand, it depends on the personal collection direction and preference. Everyone wants a Haaland signature. The demand is large and the supply The quantity is only that, the price is naturally not cheap."


"As for the signature jerseys, after the start of the new season, with the addition of many new players and long-term collectors who are unable to access players due to closed games, I guess there will still be a wave of small climaxes. The most important thing in terms of supply is It depends on the policies of each league to see if there are still opportunities for players to get signed jerseys. In terms of price, unless it is very important transfer players and star players who are already difficult, the price of signed jerseys will drop slightly, even if everyone Will be more enthusiastic."


"In my opinion, based on the current situation, the epidemic situation may not be significantly improved in the next six months, and the sports auto-sign market will continue to improve. Driven by the star card, more and more hot money is poured into sports souvenirs. Market. The entry of many investors uses this market as a potential investment hedging tool. Coupled with objective conditions such as heavy tasks in the rematch after the epidemic, the signatures of stars will be greatly reduced, which will lead to short-term supply of some players. In the end, the individual mentioned above believes that the souvenirs signed in person will maintain a growth trend in the next six months."


"In the next six months, the output and entry of foreign first-hand sources are still not optimistic. For example, the number of dressing room jerseys will be significantly reduced. High-end demand may remain the status quo, but good things will be more difficult to get. The price may be more polarized. However, it is optimistic that the population base of the collection market will continue to grow."


"In the next six months or so, affected by the economic environment, I am still more optimistic that the star card market will still maintain a prosperous scene. First, the supply will be relatively short, so the price will continue to rise, but the demand will not decrease but will only rise. , So the card box will still sell very well. Second, the investment in the star card is more stimulating than the stock, and the heat is unlikely to drop within half a year. More and more people flood the market, and the card price will continue to rise. Third, some collectors are already hoarding goods. Card shops don’t have to worry about not being able to sell the goods. They will only worry about the lack of supply. Therefore, the price of boxes and boxes will not fall, and the demand will only increase.”


In addition to being driven by external market factors, the price of collections is actually mainly determined by the performance of idols: "I think the development of the idol souvenir market in the next six months or even a long time will definitely be a trend of strong return. With the control of the epidemic, The restart of the League Cup in various countries, the European Cup America’s Cup and other events next year, will greatly increase the supply and demand for signature souvenirs. Take the most popular and concerned peer-winning C Romesi in the signature market as an example. Whether the big ball kings will have a new personal record, whether they can lead the team to overcome obstacles in the European Cup and the Copa America, including this may be their last one or two intercontinental cups and other factors, which are bound to improve them The attention of the two and the price of the souvenir collection."

除了受到外部市场因素的驱动外,收藏品的价格实际上主要取决于偶像的表现:“我认为,未来六个月甚至更长的时间里偶像纪念品市场的发展肯定是一个趋势。在流行病的控制下,各国联赛杯的重新开始,明年欧洲杯美洲杯的举办和其他赛事,将乐橙app下载大大增加签名纪念品的供求关系。例如在签名市场上赢得C罗梅西(C Romesi),大球王们是否会有新的个人记录,是否可以带领球队克服欧洲杯和美洲杯的障碍,包括这可能是他们的最后一两个洲际杯具和其他因素,势必会提高它们的吸引力。两者的吸引力和纪念品价格。”

But collection is also the flavoring agent and catalyst in our lives. It can make our lives in addition to ordinary tea, rice, oil and salt, but also a little more vivid and fragrance.


I sincerely hope that with the end of this turbulent season, the life of every Tibetan friend can return to normal. While working hard for our family and career, we can also enjoy the happiness that collection brings us.


Maybe like "Manchester watch a ball" said,


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