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After Serie A fell into a lockout, the world sports situation took a sharp turn... Serie A NBA players have been diagnosed, and the NBA suddenly shut down.


La Liga, French Ligue, UEFA Champions League, Europa League, NCAA, F1, European Basketball League... One after another tournaments were played on empty courts, and one after another was suspended. After the epidemic was classified as a "Pandemic" by the WHO, it was inevitable that global sports fell into the endless shadow of a major shutdown.


At this moment, the competition facing the community of shared future for mankind is called anti-epidemic.


Breaking News


Recently, people are being shocked again and again by such endless Breaking News.


In the past, Atletico’s reversal of Liverpool and Paris’s reversal of Dortmund would become the Breaking News for a week, but now, U.S. stocks have plummeted across the board, NBA and Serie A are infected with the new crown, Arsenal have been quarantined by the entire team due to the epidemic, and the NBA has suddenly been shut down. It became even more explosive news.


After all, sports does not exist beyond life and death.


Even with multiple warnings issued within ten days, the NBA was still caught.


On March 12th, Beijing time, the Thunder played the Jazz at home. The match was just about to begin. The match was suddenly announced on the scene. A staff member rushed into the court to communicate with the referee on duty and the coaches of both sides. Players, coaches and referees of both sides were all Exit.


Quickly, the league announced the postponement of the game, and then news of the Jazz player Gobert's diagnosis spread. All staff, players and coaches of the Thunder and Jazz were immediately tested for the new crown. The five teams that have played against the Jazz in the past 10 days: Cavaliers, Knicks, Celtics, Pistons, and Raptors will all be tested and self-isolated.


At 9:35 a.m. on March 12, the NBA officially announced that the 2019-20 season will be temporarily suspended.


The NBA said in a statement: "The Jazz players have been confirmed to be infected with the COVID-19 virus. The test results were delivered to the arena before the start of the Thunder vs. Jazz game today. The game was cancelled at that time and the infected players were not in the arena. Inside.


After today's game is over, the NBA will suspend the game until there are more notices in the future. During this shutdown period, the NBA will continue to study the next steps to deal with the coronavirus epidemic. "

今天的比赛结束后,NBA将暂停比赛,直到将来有更多通知为止。在此停工期间,NBA将继续研究应对冠状病毒流行的下一步措施。 ”

Earlier, the NBA had sent two memos to the teams, making a series of temporary recommendations, and then issued an announcement with the other three major sports leagues to restrict media access to the locker room.


It is reported that the league will also convene team bosses for a conference call on Wednesday local time to discuss the next emergency plan.


It seems that the diagnosis of Jazz center Gobert has accelerated the arrival of the lockout.


For a business giant that can earn close to 9 billion US dollars in a season, the inertia of an instant stop is great—especially at the end of the season, when the playoffs are about to start, competitiveness and attention continue to upgrade. How to play the game becomes an important issue.


As the second memo issued by the NBA shows, empty games may be the best solution.


On the one hand, because many states in the United States have issued or are preparing to issue large-scale gatherings bans, it is only a matter of time before NBA games are held empty when all sports events are suspended. On the other hand, under the crisis of suspension, running games on empty courts protected sponsorship and copyright revenue, and also preserved the fundamentals of the NBA.


Soon after the league announced the suspension, ESPN news showed that the league office and the board of directors reached a consensus in a conference call. The next game will choose to continue according to the original schedule, but the team will play empty games.


But just being empty is not enough. The team flies across the United States, players, coaching staff and staff have footprints all over the country, and cannot restrict personal freedom to take corresponding measures. It is difficult to guarantee that Gobert's situation will not happen again. At the same time, even after the quarantine period, players like Utah, where the Jazz is located, and Washington State, where the number of confirmed cases are home, will be unconscious.


Therefore, it may be more feasible to take a centralized approach similar to CBA. Move the game to a safe area for centralized hosting. The next 30 teams will have less than 10 home games, which is not too many. This part of the loss is also capable of coping with the league and the team. Centralized hosting of the game can not only follow the expected schedule, reduce team rush and contact, but also will not create resistance to the operation of each team's home court.


The NBA also thought of this. According to ESPN's report on March 11, the NBA Board of Directors held a conference call with the President’s Office. They mentioned that if the outbreak spreads to certain teams and prevents them from playing on their home courts, the league is discussing arrangements for these teams to go. An away game where the epidemic has not broken out is even possible for a neutral game.

NBA也想到了这一点。根据ESPN 3月11日的报告,NBA董事会与总统办公室举行了电话会议。他们提到,如果疫情蔓延到某些球队并阻止他们在自己的主场上比赛,那么联盟正在讨论这些球队离开的安排。对于中性游戏,流行病尚未爆发的客场比赛甚至是可能的。

But even so, the impact of the epidemic on the NBA has spread. According to The Athletic's statistics, the remaining home revenue in the regular season is about 500 million U.S. dollars, excluding other income from watching the game. The team faces tens of millions of dollars in losses, which will also lead to next season. The salary cap dropped directly by $8 million.


The latest news shows that the alliance will provide a solution on the 12th local time.


In fact, the last mainstream event that was suspended was Serie A among the five major leagues. Italy is also the country with the worst epidemic in Europe.


Previously, the transition solution adopted by Serie A was an "empty field", which is how the Italian national Derby proceeded. However, in the empty field, there are still players recruited-Juventus defender Rugani.


On March 12th, Beijing time, Juventus officially announced that the team's center defender Rugani has tested positive for the new crown virus, becoming the first player in the five major leagues to be diagnosed with the new crown and is currently asymptomatic. Since then, Juventus announced that it is initiating all legal isolation procedures.


As the world's top club, Juventus, Ronaldo, Dybala, Chiellini, Buffon and many other world-class stars are in the formation. Ronaldo, whom everyone cares about, had returned to Portugal with his family due to a stroke in his mother. The diagnosis of Rugani means that from Juventus to Serie A, the current situation is not optimistic.


On March 10, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced that due to the severe epidemic, all sports events in Italy, including Serie A, will be suspended until April 3.

3月10日,意大利总理朱塞佩·孔戴(Giuseppe Conte)宣布,由于疫情严重,意大利的所有体育赛事,包括意甲联赛,都将暂停至4月3日。

Since then, the Italian Football Association proposed to postpone Serie A until the end of May 31, and provided three solutions. Including uncertain rankings and championships, the current rankings and additional "playoffs" to determine the championship, Champions League qualification and relegation. But for now, it is very difficult to resume the game in the near future.


Serie A is by no means an isolated case. La Liga will be empty for two weeks, and the Ligue 1 will be limited to 1000 people. Some Bundesliga matches are empty, and some Premier League matches are postponed due to the epidemic. Part of the Champions League and Europa League matches are empty and some matches. Postponement... Once the event continues, it is still unknown whether other leagues will follow suit. For Liverpool fans who have been waiting for the championship for many years, winning the championship has become their common expectation.

意甲绝不是一个孤立的案例。西甲将空置两周,而Ligue 1将限于1000人。一些德甲联赛的比赛是空的,由于流行病,一些英超联赛的比赛被推迟了。冠军联赛和欧罗巴联赛的部分比赛为空,有些比赛。推迟……一旦赛事继续进行,其他联盟是否会效仿仍是未知数。对于一直等待冠军的利物浦球迷来说,赢得冠军已成为他们的共同期望。

As for the European Cup in the summer, whether the new competition system jointly hosted by the 12 countries can be held as scheduled, has also cast a shadow. Regarding the Olympics, Japan will do its best to ensure that the game will be held on time, but whether it will do so or will eventually be forced to empty the field and postpone it. It still depends on the final development.


On March 11, local time, the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) Tan Desai said that after assessment, the WHO believes that the COVID-2019 has constituted a global pandemic (Pandemic). In such a situation, no one can stand alone. As one of the most crowded projects, sports has naturally become the hardest hit area.

当地时间3月11日,世界卫生组织(WHO)总干事Tan Desai说,经过评估,WHO相信COVID-2019已构成全球性大流行(大流行)。在这种情况下,没有人可以独自站立。作为最拥挤的项目之一,体育自然成为受灾最严重的领域。

We all know that empty venues will lead to a sharp drop in ticket revenue and a blow to sponsorship revenue, but it will protect copyright revenue; postponed due to the broadcaster’s schedule, making it difficult to arrange the schedule; and the suspension will naturally lead to a sharp increase in revenue from several items. Less.


But now it seems that this formula has another set of algorithms, that is, one end of the equation is sports, and the other end of the equation is the health and lives of players and fans.


Ecosphere partner and columnist Xiao Shen also pointed out: Behind every event, every season, every game there are countless people's countless efforts, but it only takes a morning of bad news to destroy it. A few days ago, public opinion was still discussing which events were cancelled or postponed due to the epidemic, and now it has become what other events are continuing.


He said that this very ironic picture tells people: If you continue to focus on immediate interests and ignore social reality, it would be too narrow and selfish. The core of sports is not only business, but also social value.


In the most recent audio program of "Eight Points", sports fan Liang Wendao laughed at himself: "Sports fans are a very crazy group of people. When the epidemic spreads around the world, their focus is-can sports games still be played? ?

在最新的“八点”音频节目中,体育迷梁文道嘲笑自己:“体育迷是一群非常疯狂的人。当这种流行病在世界范围内传播时,他们的焦点是-还能玩体育游戏吗? ?

And Guo Moupeng, who made the Henan and Zhengzhou epidemic defense lines "break the work", also reported that he was infected when he went to Italy to watch football.


Serie A played on the empty field, there are still players "in the move"


The examples of Gobert, Guo Moupeng and Serie A are painful. In the face of the epidemic, there can be no chance of luck. Whether you are a high-ranking person or a strong athlete, there is a risk of infection. Football or sports will never be higher than life and death. When the once-in-a-hundred-year global epidemic strikes, it will inevitably lead to a massive shutdown of crowded global sports.


At this moment, the brand new game facing humanity is called anti-epidemic. And what we are fighting for is not only money, but also the health of the whole society.


What we can do is to actively do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, using suspensions, postponements, empty games, and the game system to survive this dark time with the community of human destiny, waiting for the victory of mankind in the fight against the epidemic. The moment the whistle sounded.


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