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The longer time passes, the harder it is for AC Milan fans to get rid of the feeling that the No. 9 jersey is cursed.


Since Philip Inzaghi retired in 2012, nine players have wore AC Milan No. 9 jerseys, but only scored 29 Serie A goals. For comparison, Lazio striker Immobile has only 2 fewer league goals (27) in just 6 months.

自菲利普·因扎吉(Philip Inzaghi)2012年退役以来,已有9名球员身穿AC米兰9号球衣,但仅进球29粒意甲。相比之下,拉齐奥前锋Immobile在短短6个月内仅减少了2个联赛进球(27)。

Polish striker Pijantek is the latest player to wear AC Milan's No. 9 shirt, and his experience is very representative. In the 2018-19 season, Piantek was in a hot state in Genoa and then joined AC Milan in January 2019. Leonardo, then AC Milan's sporting director, told Piantek that he had to "work hard" to have the opportunity to choose the number 9 jersey.


In the second half of the 2018-19 season, Pijantek, wearing AC Milan's No. 19 shirt, scored 9 Serie A goals and won the No. 9 shirt. But since then, Piantek seems to have suddenly lost his form. The half-time league only won 4 league goals for AC Milan until it was sold to Hertha Berlin in January this year.


Among the forwards who have worn AC Milan's No. 9 jersey in the past eight years, there are not only new stars such as Piantek, Destro and Andre Silva, but also long-standing shooters such as Torres and Higuain. They all tried to destroy the city for the team, but they all failed.

在过去八年中身穿AC米兰第9号球衣的前锋中,不仅有Piantek,Destro和Andre Silva等新星,而且还有Torres和Higuain等老牌射手。他们都试图为球队摧毁这座城市,但都失败了。

"I think there is something supernatural in the dark, like a curse." said the host of the Italian TV channel Sport Mediaset and AC Milan fan Benedetta-Radaelli. "Since Inzaghi, (Milan No. 9 player) No one has any good luck. I think his body and energy are still in that jersey because he loves it too much. If I can be the master at AC Milan, I will withdraw that jersey... It’s unfortunate. I have to hide it where no one can touch or see it."

“我认为在黑暗中有某种超自然的东西,就像诅咒一样。”意大利电视频道Sport Mediaset和AC米兰粉丝Benedetta-Radaelli的主持人说。 “自因扎吉(米兰排名第9的球员)以来,没有人有好运。我认为他的身体和精力仍然在那件球衣中,因为他太喜欢它了。如果我能成为AC米兰的大师,我会撤回这份球衣。球衣...这很不幸。我必须将它藏在没人能触摸或看到的地方。”

In the summer of 2012, Brazilian forward Pato changed his jersey number from No. 7 to No. 9. Due to repeated injuries, Pato only played 7 games for AC Milan in the following six months, failed to score a goal in the league, and moved to Brazilian club Corinthians in January the following year.


In August 2013, Matri, who was transferred from Juventus, wore the Milan No. 9 jersey, but he only scored 1 goal in 15 league games. He was loaned to Florence six months later and never represented again. AC Milan first team played the game. In the 2014-15 season, Torres and Destro wore Milan's No. 9 jerseys, but they only scored 4 league goals in total... Inzaghi coached AC Milan as the head coach that season. The team's forward firepower was seriously insufficient, and he had to let French winger Mene play a guest forward in many games.

2013年8月,从尤文图斯转会而来的马特里(Matri)身穿9号米兰球衣,但他在15场联赛中只进1球。六个月后,他被借给佛罗伦萨,再也没有代表。 AC米兰一线队参加了比赛。在2014-15赛季,托雷斯和德斯特罗穿着米兰的9号球衣,但他们总共只进了4个联赛进球。因扎吉(Inzaghi)担任AC米兰主教练。球队的前锋火力严重不足,他不得不让法国边锋梅内在许多比赛中扮演客队前锋。

From 2015 to 2017, from Luis Adriano, Lapadura to Andre Silva, it is difficult for players who wear AC Milan's No. 9 shirt to find the feeling of scoring.


In August 2018, Argentine striker Higuain joined AC Milan on loan from Juventus. At that time, he dismissed the statement of spell number 9: "I have worn a few jerseys that carry the huge expectations of the fans, so here The number 9 jersey is not a problem." But just 5 months later, Higuain, who had only scored 6 league goals, decided to go to his mentor Sarri and join Chelsea on loan.


In the post-Inzaghi era, only five AC Milan forwards have scored double-digit goals in Serie A in a single season (none of them have broken the 20 mark). They are Salavi, Gianpaolo Pazzini and Balotelli. , Baka and Cutrone have not worn the number 9 jersey. No. 9 was once regarded as a sacred number by Milan fans. Seniors such as Van Basten, George Weah, and Inzaghi have made achievements in this jersey. However, as time goes by, the “No. 9 curse” has been It embarrassed this generation of players.

在因扎吉后时代,只有五个AC米兰前锋在一个赛季中就在意甲获得了两位数的进球(没有一个突破20分)。他们是Salavi,Gianpaolo Pazzini和Balotelli。 ,巴卡(Baka)和卡特隆(Currone)尚未穿着9号球衣。 9号曾经被米兰球迷视为神圣的数字。 Van Basten,George Weah和Inzaghi等老年人在这件球衣上取得了成就。但是,随着时间的流逝,“不。 “ 9诅咒”一直让这一代玩家感到尴尬。

"AC Milan's No. 9 jersey is too heavy, especially now." "Gazzetta dello Sport" reporter Alexandra Bocci said, "They have been in crisis for many years, so it will become heavier every year. ."

“ AC米兰的9号球衣太重了,尤其是现在。” 《米兰体育报》记者亚历山德拉·博奇说:“他们已经陷入危机多年,因此每年都会变得更加沉重。”

Former England striker Mark Hartley played for AC Milan in the 1980s and now works for the Rangers Club in Glasgow, responsible for business development. At his home on the outskirts of Glasgow, Hartley hung an AC Milan No. 9 jersey he wore on the wall of his study.

前英格兰前锋马克·哈特利(Mark Hartley)于1980年代在AC米兰效力,现在在格拉斯哥的流浪者俱乐部工作,负责业务发展。哈特利在格拉斯哥郊区的家中,挂在书房墙上的AC米兰9号球衣。

In the summer of 1984, Hartley moved from Portsmouth to AC Milan, and soon became a hero in the hearts of Milan fans: in a city derby, Hartley scored an iconic header to help AC Milan won their first Derby victory in 6 years. Hartley believes that there is no need for players to compare themselves with their predecessors who wore the same jersey. It is useless to do so.


"When I join a team, I never think:'Who wears a jersey with this number?' You can only try to do your best, and you can do your best in every game. That's enough."


In 1986, Berlusconi entered AC Milan, pushing the club to a new level. In Hartley's view, Arigo Sacchi and Fabio Capello led AC Milan to create a golden age-in contrast, it is almost impossible for AC Milan to reproduce the glory of those years.

1986年,贝卢斯科尼进入AC米兰,将俱乐部推向了一个新的高度。在哈特利看来,阿里戈·萨基(Arigo Sacchi)和法比奥·卡佩罗(Fabio Capello)带领AC米兰创造了一个黄金时代,而AC米兰几乎不可能重现这些年的辉煌。

"Times have changed, but Milan fans still miss the glorious years of many years ago. They miss Van Basten, Gullit, Rijkaard, Maldini, Costacurta and Baresi, and miss the team. The days when they ruled European football... AC Milan has been too successful in history, so everyone always has high expectations for players. Look at AC Milan’s No. 9 players these years, they can’t be as strong as their predecessors, but This is beyond your control."

“时代变了,但米兰球迷们仍然怀念许多年前的光荣岁月。他们怀念范巴斯滕,古利特,里杰卡尔德,马尔蒂尼,科斯塔库塔和巴雷西,并怀念球队。他们统治欧洲足球的日子... AC米兰在历史上太成功了,所以每个人对球员总是寄予厚望。看看AC米兰这些年来排名第9的球员,他们的实力不及前辈那么强,但这是您无法控制的。”

Taking into account the current economic situation of the club, AC Milan is unable to compete with other teams for the top players in the world. From the perspective of signings, AC Milan has been far behind by Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Manchester City and other clubs... In this case, AC Milan often has to retreat and sign those Young forwards who have not fully proven themselves, such as Andre Silva, Piantek and Rafael Leo.

考虑到俱乐部当前的经济状况,AC米兰无法与其他球队竞争世界顶级球员。从签约的角度来看,AC米兰已经远远落后于巴黎圣日耳曼,巴塞罗那,皇马,曼城和其他俱乐部...在这种情况下,AC米兰经常不得不撤退并签下那些拥有尚未得到充分证明的自己,例如安德烈·席尔瓦(Andre Silva),皮安特克(Piantek)和拉斐尔·利奥(Rafael Leo)。

On the other hand, because AC Milan lacks a stable tactical system, it is often difficult for new forwards to integrate into the team.


"If the team has an effective system, the situation is different." Bocci said, "Shevchenko is a phenomenal player, but he is also easier to integrate into the team because he has Rui Costa around him. , Maldini, Nesta and Stam. Pato was very young when he joined AC Milan, but the team had a well-functioning system and many big-name stars. Of course, Leo is not Pato , But he joined a bad AC Milan."

“如果团队乐橙app拥有有效的系统,情况就不同了。”博奇说:“舍甫琴科是一位了不起的球员,但他也更容易融入球队,因为他周围有瑞·科斯塔(Rui Costa),马尔蒂尼,内斯塔和斯塔姆。帕托在加入AC米兰时还很小,但球队拥有一支运作良好的系统和许多名人球星。当然,利奥不是帕托,但他加盟了糟糕的AC米兰乐橙app。”

Some people think that if Ibrahimovic, who returned from Los Angeles Galaxy to AC Milan, wears the No. 9 jersey, he will have the opportunity to break the No. 9 spell that has plagued the team for many years. "If someone wears Milan's No. 9 jersey to score a goal, then I will be very happy." Inzaghi said in January this year, "Let's end this'curse'. AC Milan can't let No. 9 retire, there must be someone Wear this jersey, but I hope Ibrahimovic will choose it because he has the ability to accomplish this."

有人认为,如果从洛杉矶银河回到AC米兰的易卜拉欣莫维奇穿着9号球衣,他将有机会打破困扰球队多年的9号法术。 “如果有人穿着米兰的9号球衣打进一球,那我将非常高兴。”因扎吉在今年1月说:“让我们结束这场'诅咒'。AC米兰不能让9号退役,一定有人穿这件球衣,但我希望易卜拉欣莫维奇会选择它,因为他有能力做到这一点。 ”

The 38-year-old Ibrahimovic has never avoided challenges. So far in his career, Ibrahimovic has worn the No. 9 jersey in Ajax, Juventus, Barcelona, ​​Manchester United and Los Angeles Galaxy, averaging 0.56 goals per game. For Ibrahimovic, choosing the AC Milan No. 9 jersey is probably Not a task that kept him awake at night.


Apart from Ibrahimovic, what other players are likely to wear this unfortunate jersey? It is said that AC Milan is very interested in Naples striker Milik and Icardi, who is currently on loan from Inter Milan to play for Paris Saint-Germain, but the club star Papan (he also wears the No. 9 shirt) suggested that they sign Cavani.


Hartley believes that the AC Milan No. 9 shirt is not a hot potato-players should not avoid it, but need to firmly grasp this opportunity. "If I join AC Milan now, I would think:'Well, I will be the best No. 9 player in a long time.' This desire will push me to train harder because I have the opportunity to become immortal. Part of the legend. When you join a giant club, you must have this mentality and bravely bear the expectations of the fans."

哈特利认为,AC米兰9号球衣不是烫手山芋,球员们不应该回避它,而是需要牢牢抓住这个机会。 “如果我现在加入AC米兰,我会想:'好吧,我将长期以来是最好的第九名球员。'这种渴望将迫使我更加努力地训练,因为我有机会成为不朽的传奇人物。当您加入一个巨型俱乐部时,您必须具有这种心态,并勇敢地承受球迷的期望。”

The No. 9 spell of the Milan jersey still exists today, but one day someone will pull the sword out of the stone.


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